When I entered the Studio, I saw the long hair from behind, he was this very casual guy with a hippie-beard – Finn Brock was standing in front of me. I have imagined so many times that Jesus is back. After I did the styling I had a couple of minutes to ask him the questions.

Love or money?



Health tips?

Do what makes you happy, it is all about balance.

If I wasn’t modeling, I’d be…

I would like to be a composer.


On a typical Saturday night,you can find me…

Since I am travelling a lot you can find me almost anywhere. I enjoy getting together with friends and having a nice meal.


One thing I couldn’t live without…

Delicious wine and drive for adventures.


Any secret talents?

Then they won’t be a secret anymore…


If I won $10 million lottery,I’d be…

I would make sure my family has everything they need.

Where do I see myself five years from now?

Where I see myself … hm good question … I think it’s never possible to foresee, as any day can bring something that would turn your life upside down.

Height: 190
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Dress: 48/50
Collar: 39
Chest: 94
Waist: 78
Hips: 95
Jeans: 31/34
Shoes: 44-45



Model | Finn Brock

Photographer | Moritz Eisenschmidt

Hair-makeup | Firat Shadé

Styling | Inessafashioness