When I told Vanessa about the outfits I had styled for her, she was immensely delighted. Most probably it is because her wardrobe predominantly consists of black clothes and she is into the classical music. During the shoot I found out about her hidden talent to play a piano and she told me a little about her life: the 21 year old will start her master program soon; she is fond of singing but refuses to take part in any vocal auditions. At the end of the shoot I asked Vanesa to sing something for me. With no second hesitation she began to sing, and I and my light reflector assistant Jan-Simon instantly fell in love with her voice 

I believe strongly that the talented Vanesa will accomplish her musical goals.

1.Love or money?

Love. For me, true happiness is sharing a life with your beloved – there is no greater wealth. Money will not make you happy…rather lonely in the end.


2.Health tips?

Learn to appreciate eating sensibly and the victory over your impulses. Be smart with the carbs and sweets; rice with vegetables instead of the creamy pasta and fruits over the candy, for example. And never lie to yourself – if you have time for Facebook, etc., you probably have time to workout! ;-)


3.If I wasn’t modeling, I’d be…

…on my way to sitting behind the CEO desk of a marketing firm in the music industry – preferably my own label.


4.On a typical Saturday night,you can find me…

…at Waranga – the place to be on a Saturday for partying…after sushi with my friends, of course!


5.One thing I couldn’t live without…

…My little sister.


6.Any secret talents?

But, of course…however – what good is a secret once told? ;-) What most people find surprising about me is my passion for music – singing and playing piano are amongst the greatest joys in my life.


7.If I won $10 million lottery,I’d be…

…investing, buying, and donating – what else should a millionaire do with their time? :)


8.Where do I see myself five years from now?

I really don’t know how to answer this question because right now, my thoughts take me in a million different directions. There is so much in this life that I look forward to doing, I only know that the voyage there is the most important.

Model | Vanesa N.

Photography, Make-up, styling  | Inessa Goll