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Love or money?


Health advice?

Drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep.


If I wasn’t modeling, I’d be…

I would be a make-up artist.

On a typical Saturday night, you can find me…

At home watching movies.


One thing I couldn’t live without…

I can’t live without my sweet dog Paco.


Any secret talents?

I love sketching.


If I won $10 million lottery,I’d be…

I would do something for animals, which don’t have home or even at the risk of extinction. Aside from that, I would support my family, and, of course, travel!!! I would love to see the entire World.


Where do I see myself five years from now?
In 5 years I see myself as a makeup artist in the opera or theatre.


  Model | Elena

Styling & Photography | Inessafashioness



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When I told Vanessa about the outfits I had styled for her, she was immensely delighted. Most probably it is because her wardrobe predominantly consists of black clothes and she is into the classical music. During the shoot I found out about her hidden talent to play a piano and she told me a little about her life: the 21 year old will start her master program soon; she is fond of singing but refuses to take part in any vocal auditions. At the end of the shoot I asked Vanesa to sing something for me. With no second hesitation she began to sing, and I and my light reflector assistant Jan-Simon instantly fell in love with her voice 

I believe strongly that the talented Vanesa will accomplish her musical goals.

1.Love or money?

Love. For me, true happiness is sharing a life with your beloved – there is no greater wealth. Money will not make you happy…rather lonely in the end.

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2.Health tips?

Learn to appreciate eating sensibly and the victory over your impulses. Be smart with the carbs and sweets; rice with vegetables instead of the creamy pasta and fruits over the candy, for example. And never lie to yourself – if you have time for Facebook, etc., you probably have time to workout! 😉

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3.If I wasn’t modeling, I’d be…

…on my way to sitting behind the CEO desk of a marketing firm in the music industry – preferably my own label.

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4.On a typical Saturday night,you can find me…

…at Waranga – the place to be on a Saturday for partying…after sushi with my friends, of course!

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5.One thing I couldn’t live without…

…My little sister.

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6.Any secret talents?

But, of course…however – what good is a secret once told? 😉 What most people find surprising about me is my passion for music – singing and playing piano are amongst the greatest joys in my life.

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7.If I won $10 million lottery,I’d be…

…investing, buying, and donating – what else should a millionaire do with their time? 🙂

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8.Where do I see myself five years from now?

I really don’t know how to answer this question because right now, my thoughts take me in a million different directions. There is so much in this life that I look forward to doing, I only know that the voyage there is the most important.

Model | Vanesa N.

Photography, Make-up, styling  | Inessa Goll


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Streetstyle Shoot on the roofs of Stuttgart with Sarkodie Adams Justice Soufian Johnson Tuffour. Not only does the charming boy study medicine, he also makes music. After I did the pictures I had a couple of minutes to ask him the questions.


Love or money?

Love. You can make money in the relationship with someone you love. Taking money would get you as far as having money leaving a chance of spending your life as a lonely person.

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Health advice?

You have to drink a lot of water and be active: take a walk, do sports, because the natural things stimulate the immune system just as good. Keep your body in shape, eat well: salads, fruits…

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If I wasn’t modeling, I’d be…

I would dedicate more attention to music – would write songs and travel more.

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On a typical Saturday night, you can find me…

I ´d be home on the phone…

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One thing I couldn’t live without…

My phone.

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Any secret talents?

I can take a name and write a song out of the name, for example “Inessa”:








If I won $10 million lottery,I’d be…

I´d be helping homeless people and orphans. I would help them reveal their talents and get education. Everybody deserves an opportunity to get educated.

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Where do I see myself five years from now?

Accomplishing more in the field of music and having my degree as a cardiologist.

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Model | Sarkodie „Jaykeys“ Tuffour

Photography | Inessafashioness


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Going on safari? Presenting model of the moment Ekaterina Sergeeva looks ready for wild animals.


Love or money?

Love, because money can be earned, love is rather something uncontrollable.

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Health tips?

Drink 2-3 liters of pure water a day, do not diet, rather eat consciously, go to bed before midnight and sleep 8-9 hours. Avoid sun to stay young and cut the alcohol and, of course, give up smoking if you still do…

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If I wasn’t modeling, I’d be…

I would be a news anchor.

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On a typical Saturday night,you can find me…

Sleeping like a log after hiking. I love exploring this beautiful Earth.

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One thing I couldn’t live without…

Humans have an amazing adaptation capability, so I won’t say – friends, books, clothes. I would go for freedom, because as long as you are free – you will figure something out.

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Any secret talents?

I normally embrace and show what I am good at, so I don’t have any secret talent in my closet. However, based on my previous being-a-tutor-experience, I could make a good language teacher.

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If I won $10 million lottery,I’d be…

I would be afraid to become demotivated. I mean, seriously, the majority says, they would go places, buy penthouses, cars, donate money to their loved ones and/or update their wardrobe. Those are nice things, but not original. I would probably do the same, however I would also go to good law school in the states or UK.

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Where do I see myself five years from now?

In the states with 2 master degrees behind my belt, anchoring for CNN or MSNBC.

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Height: 183
Suite size: 36
Bust: 89
Waist: 63
Hips: 95
Shoes: 41
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown



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     Model : Ekaterina Sergeeva

Styling, Creative Direction & Photography: Inessa Goll 

Look 1– blazer from Zara / necklace & bracelet from h&m / backpack from Sandqvist / shorts from Maison Scotch

Look 2– dress from h&m / leather jacket from Vero Moda / necklace from Etsy / belt from Liebeskind / hat from Asos / sunglasses from Ray-Ban / bracelet from Bijou Brigitte

Look 3– shirt from Asos / pants from Maison Scotch / belt from Just Cavalli / backpack from flea market Hollywood / bracelet from Etsy / sunglasses from Oxydo / tie from Prochownik

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